Are manufacturer End Of Life declarations compromising your business goals?

  • Forced expenditures in capital equipment
  • Lost time and efficiency due to employee retraining
  • Unjustified migration path
  • Unrealistic rollout schedules

We believe that large capital outlays should be determined by your business needs, not the needs of the manufacturer.

As an independent service provider, we have a different outlook on legacy equipment. If you think that your equipment should last, we make it happen. Liberated from arbitrary EOL constraints, our customers realize greater control over their long-term strategic planning.

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You are not alone. In fact, many of our customers initially leave manufacturer support for this very reason. Surprisingly, customer satisfaction with our service can be measured after they decide to upgrade. When warranty support expires on their new platform, most of our former customers return to JPW.

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Pursuing our passion for innovation has shaped nearly every aspect of business at JPW. Whether it is through responsive service, quality workmanship or cost effective solutions, JPW customers profit from our focus upon continual improvement.

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  • JPW’s repair and service has always been thorough and prompt. JPW has taken the initiative by finding new products to assist our needs and reduce repair and maintenance cost. They are also very accessible when we have any questions or concerns
  • Aggressive at finding solutions to new problems. Will frequently call with suggestions for reducing cost of repairs and/or lower price of repairs. Overall, we are very pleased.
    Citi Trends, Inc.
  • We are very pleased with the services JPW has provided so far. The quality of the repairs and the turn around time has been excellent
    Vectren Energy Delivery
  • JPW Associates is the de facto standard for quality as a service provider for our company. We hope to continue to develop our relationship with JPW Associates as a strategic partner.
    Atmos Energy
  • How a vendor responds when there are problems is an indication of the vendor’s integrity. JPW has always been at the top of my list of excellent vendors, and I value our relationship.
    University of Connecticut