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The JPW Difference

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JPW focuses on three key qualities

Fast Turnaround, Quality Service and Cost Effective Repair; but it is their business model that truly sets them apart from the competition. Flexibility. JPW’s ability to respond quickly and exacting to each of their customers unique business needs ultimately creates the profound chasm between them and the manufacture.
Let JPW stand in the gap- remove: annual contracts, forced obsolescence, extended down time, astronomical cost and inconvenient terms.

Fast Turnaround

JPW offers an industry leading turnaround on repairs.

Our skilled technicians coupled with our our time-tested process substantially reduce equipment down time. We have teamed up with FedEx to provide the best shipping and logistics services available so that your equipment will be returned to you, at our expense, in the same condition it left our facility, repaired and ready for the field.

For customers within 100 miles of our facility in Audubon, New Jersey, JPW will provide pick up and delivery on all equipment needing maintenance.

Quality Service

JPW believes that it is our customers who should determine when to retire their equipment- not the manufacture. The determining factor to retiring equipment should be your business plan, not forced obsolesce.

Our solution- keep the power in your hands.

Historically, JPW has supported equipment for less in its 10th year than the manufacturer charged for support in its 2nd year. Due to our engineering departments extensive research we are able to keep your equipment running even if the manufacture discontinues the product. Were in it for the long haul.

Cost Effective Repairs

JPW offers the flexibility of pay-as-you-go or contractual payment options with the stability of fixed rate pricing.

Our tiered pricing schedule allows you to know how much a repair will cost before the unit even fails this gives you better control over your maintenance budget.

Flexible Payment Plans

In these tough economic times, why pay for something you likely will not use. JPW’s pay-as-you-go eliminates costly insurance (annual contracts) against the “possibility” of equipment failure.

Rather then purchasing blanket coverage on every terminal, where you pay regardless if the unit fails during a calendar year, JPW provides an alternative where you can secure the highest level of depot maintenance- as required. Pay-as-you-go will always save the end user 50% or more over an annual contract that assumes that every unit will require service within a year-JPW knows that’s simply not reality.

JPW has various payment options to meet our customers varying business needs: annual contracts or “pay-as-you-go.” Our terms are net 30-days and we accept purchase orders, checks and all major credit cards.

We Buy and Sell Equipment

With so much experience repairing processing equipment, we can anticipate the pieces and parts that will fail. This has allowed us to develop exclusive JPW designs that reduce repeatable failures and down time. View our Exclusive Design Products.

We also offer refurbish equipment so you can continue using what works for you until you decide it’s time to upgrade.

Check out our Parts and Accessories to see what we have available to keep you in business.